Here at Aqualuxe we proud ourselves on being a local, independently operated and owned Irish business. Our target is to present the highest possible conventions of professional pressure washing products and services throughout Dublin and its surrounding areas. Over the years, Aqualuxe have created an aura of credibility in regard to our abilities and for providing a reliable, respectful, high quality service.
Your immediate outdoor living space requires its appearance constantly looked after – Aqualuxe will assist and provide an optimal solution for your driveway, patio or decking. Helping you to enjoy your recreational environment to its greatest potential without the mess! Putting you, the customer first we hope to bring your exterior surface area back to life once again.
We will directly attend every job and quotation. No matter if it’s a considerable mono block driveway cleaning or maybe a miniature back garden patio that you require cleaned. We adhere to a premium quality standard to be in line with your absolute expectation. Should you wish to discuss anything relation to the tasks in hand or anything else then Aqualuxe will undoubtedly be there to respond to your issues and queries.
The major reason why Aqualuxe has been consequently successful in this area is due to customers coming back to our business after being extremely satisfied the first time around and the encouragement of word of mouth from our customers.
We take additional time out of our day to consider important information and acknowledge customers’ needs without delay and process your requests as quick as possible. Interested in discussing a query with us? Simple and easy just send us an email or give us a call any time or day!
Aqualuxe. We offer a professional Pressure Washing Service in Dublin and surrounding areas.
We can also provide you with other services such as driveway, decking, wood, wall and fence cleaning.
Our amazing Driveway Cleaning Service which covers Dublin and it’s surrounding areas carry a 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee. In the very odd case you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we shall return and happily re-clean any specific area without any charge. This contains all our core services including driveway cleaning, monoblock cleaning and patio cleaning.

Powerful, Professional Equipment

Here at Aqualuxe we are proud owners of the most advanced pressure washing equipment. In our range there are high-powered petrol pressure washers, flat exterior surface cleaners and various other commercial tools available on from the market.
We are able to marvellously clean and restore all exterior types of surface. Clearing away any of the dust, mud or weeds, restoring your outdoor space to a more pleasant, clean, concentrated area where you are happy to spend time.
Our system is eco-friendly, we only consume water under high pressure, which means that it is unnecessary to worry about your botanical plants, pets or children playing around the area. In extreme situations where chemical compounds may be needed or requested we will discuss this with you and talk about the alternatives that are most suitable to your preferences. Additionally it is absolutely necessary for us to leave your driveway, patio or deck areas Fresh, Clean and Bright.
Furthermore we never forget that you have a choice when considering opting for a pressure washing company, which means that we always strive to be 100% certain that Aqualuxe are the best possible option to meet your requirements.
If you have a question about any of your exterior spaces and the correct way we can re-establish them drop us a message 7 days a week or call on [PHONE NUMBER] during opening hours.